Total & Permanent Disablity

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This Rider shall become effective on the effective date of the Policy unless a different date is indicated above.


The insurance premium pertaining to this Rider shall be as specified in the Policy.


The Amount of Insurance under this Rider shall be as specified in the Policy.


The Insured shall be entitled to receive the Amount of Insurance under this Rider if he: 

  1. becomes totally disabled by bodily injury or disease; and 
  2. is thereby prevented from engaging in any occupation for compensation or profit; and 
  3. has been disabled for a continuous period of at least six (6) months; and
  4. has not exercised his conversion rights.


Upon availment of said benefit, all insurance under the Policy with respect to such Insured shall immediately cease.


No payment shall be made under this Rider for any disability resulting from or caused directly or wholly, by: 

  1. any attempt at self-destruction while sane or insane; or 
  2. disease which originated, or bodily injury which occurred, before the effective date of this Rider if the Insured received medical or surgical treatment for such disease or injury within three (3) years immediately before such effective date, unless such treatment was disclosed in the application for coverage; or
  3. war, declared or undeclared, strike, riot, civil war, revolution or any war-like operations or  while under orders for war-like operations or restoration of public order; or 
  4. poison, gas or fumes (voluntarily or involuntarily taken), atomic explosions, nuclear fission, or radioactive gas.


This Rider shall automatically terminate if premiums due for this Rider remain unpaid beyond the grace period as stated in the Grace Period Provision of the Policy.

The individual insurance under this Rider shall automatically terminate on the earliest of the following:

  1. termination of this Rider or the Policy; or 
  2. attainment of the Insured of the termination age for this Rider as stated in the Policy; or
  3. upon payment of benefit under this Rider; or
  4. termination of the Insured’s individual insurance under the Policy.


Termination of this Rider or the individual insurance shall be without prejudice to any claim arising prior to the date of termination.